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The Legendary Oktoberfest band "Platzhirsche":

Authentic German Party fun which takes audience participation to another level.


Six mad passionate Hirsche (Stags) rock, roll, drink..... and drive their audiences wild. Whether young or old, "The Stags" infectious sound & charisma will charm the socks off any audience.....leaving you with the best hangover you’ve ever had.


Fun and celebration in its purest form, with a repertoire full of hand picked evergreens, current german chart hits, traditional polkas, pop and rock... all played in "The Stags" own unique style. Every performance is guaranteed to raise the roof.

"The Stags": Wolfi, Jo, Franky, Max, Regina and Phil are equally at home ..featuring on TV shows around europe..... playing Big & Bigger venues.... from the Munich Oktoberfest to Abu Dhabi Beer Festivals ... plus crazy impromptu appearances in the London Underground.

A Stag night re-defined..."Platzhirsche

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